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Lon Bubeck
Lon Bubeck

I was born and raised in the Los Angeles Area. Being in Southern California my youth included trips to Catalina, water-skiing, and building a stern paddle wheel vessel of our own design with my father. In spite of these activities, boats were of little interest to me other than an aspect of recreation. After graduating high school, I attended San Diego State College for four years. At that time sailing was popular in the social imagination of America and I started to think that sailing around the world would be a fun adventure. After college I moved to Santa Cruz and lived a relaxed lifestyle for seven years making a living as a repairman/jack-of-all-trades. In that time I became proficient in mechanical & electrical repairs and installations and in building and fixing most anything that I got paid for. Living in Santa Cruz gave me access to sailing and I became more involved with the sport and fascinated with the idea of sailing around the world. I learned boat handling, coastal and celestial navigation and in 1977 began sailing full time. When I first started traveling on boats, I gave away worldly possessions and stuck my thumb out and started hitch-hiking across the pacific on yachts. Within a year I was being paid to skipper yachts not only because I could navigate but also because I was proficient at fixing and maintaining onboard systems. I spent from 1977 through 1980 sailing from California to Europe. Returning to California late in 1980 I told myself I would settle down and live in one place for a year. Six months later I broke that promise and found myself flying to Taiwan to investigate the yacht building industry there. That trip resulted in my becoming involved in a yacht construction supervision job in Taiwan and a long distance delivery of the vessel upon its completion. I spent the next five years either working in Taiwan doing yacht construction project management or delivering new boats to destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Hawaii and San Francisco. It was while I was working in Taiwan that I met my wife Liv, a Norwegian that grew up in between Taiwan and Norway due to her parent’s missionary careers. In 1985, I got the idea that rather than producing good boats for others to import to the U. S. I would import them myself and obtain vast wealth in a short time. I obtained a dealer relationship with a couple of builders in Taiwan, joined up with a financial partner in Long Beach, moved here with Liv and promptly became very poor when the new boat market went through a severe recession over the next five years. In that period I became a yacht broker to supplement my meager income from new boat sales. In the intervening years yacht brokerage has become the bulk of my business and experience. In this time I also had a son, Erik, who is now an adult, bought a house, and became part of the community of Long Beach. Currently I am an owner/partner in Flying Cloud Yachts, past president of the California Yacht Brokers Association, and on the Certificate Advisory Council of the Certified Professional Yacht Broker program. I also own and sail a 39’ custom racer/cruiser in my limited spare time. Over the past 30 years my interest in all aspects of yachting has only continued to grow. Twenty plus years of selling boats has given me an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the business and I feel privileged to have life that involves my passion for boats. I welcome the opportunity to share my interest and knowledge with my clients and friends.

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Steve Beck
Steve Beck

I have been involved in the Marine Industry from the age of 18 giving me more than 41 years associated within the Marine Industries. From a very young age I knew that my passion was to be involved in an industry closely tied to boating and the ocean. From learning to sail at the age of 8 I was hooked, it became a self-driven passion to learn as many aspects of boating and sailing as possible.

After leaving college I began what became my favorite career, Sailmaking. Under the leadership of Dick Deaver of North Sails I became involved full time learning the art of making sails perfecting the desired shape and performance needed to win regattas. After many years with North Sails I moved on to a lengthy career with Ullman Sails of Newport Beach.

With my career as a sailmaker in full motion, and the support of my wife and son, I was able to fulfill my competitive sailing dreams from multiple offshore racing events like the Manzanillo Race, Cabo Races, Puerto Vallarta, and Transpac. As well as world class inshore racing events like SORC, member of the US Team for Clipper Cup, Miami Race Week, Key West Race Week, St Francis Big Boat Series, Etchells Worlds, Melges 24 Worlds, Chicago to Mackinaw race and multitude local buoy races as well as local offshore and point to point racing.

After a 41+ years in the Marine Industry, Flying Cloud Yachts approached me to bring all my marine industry experiences combined with my marketing and sales skills to join and expand the Flying Cloud Yachts sales team. Now as an owner of Flying Cloud Yachts allows me the perfect opportunity to bring all my years of professional marine knowledge in assisting individuals looking to fulfill their dreams and aspirations of becoming passionately involved in the fantastic world of yachting.

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Jim Dragmonmir
Jim Dragomir

Jim started sailing at age 15, sailing Victory 21's in Newport Beach, then on to racing sail boats for 20 years and teaching sailing for many summers. Jim has owned many sailing vessels and moved to power boats about 20 years ago, the last being his Sea Ray 42. Jim said " Being retired living on a boat again is a wonderful experience". After a successful career in Aerospace working on the Space Shuttle then closing his career with ULA launching rockets. Jim retired in 2014 to pursue his longtime dream selling Yachts. For the last 30 years, he has owned 13 boats as well has lived aboard three of them. Over the last four years working exclusively selling yachts on the West Coast and has established a diverse list of very satisfied clients. As a member of Navy Yacht Club and former Seal Beach Yacht member, Jim is dedicated to providing opportunities for the all to experience and embrace the boating lifestyle.

An avid sailor and power boater for over 50 years, Jim brings a wealth of professionalism, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to yacht sales whether it is working with a client on purchasing a powerboat, sail boat , or listing and selling their current boat.

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Bob Frazier
Bob Frazier

A former Commodore of the Long Beach Yacht Club, Bob began working with Flying Cloud Yachts in 2002. He has helped clients with boats on both coasts, and he remains active in the Long Beach Yacht Club.

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Eric Gustafson
Eric Gustafson

I am a Long Beach native and have been in the Yacht Brokerage business for over 30 years. My fortune of being a co-owner of Flying Cloud Yachts has allowed me to live, work and play in this great town. My wife of 32 years, Shelley, refers to my stomping grounds as “Ericland", a rough square mile in Long Beach that includes the local schools, Lowell/Rogers/Wilson, my home, my boat, the Long Beach Yacht Club and Flying Cloud.
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One of the best things about this business is the flexible schedule which allows me to be involved in my kids’ schools, sports, and other activities. Besides my wife Shelley, my daughter Kate is a junior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a former Wilson High School water polo player. My son Charlie is a sophomore at Wilson, an accomplished sailor, and turning into a fine trumpet player like his Dad. (He thinks he is better than I.) We have a yellow Labrador named Bailer and a miniature schnauzer named Pepper. I grew up in a family with boats and our family has had many boats through the years. For the last five years, I have been involved in racing “Hurrah”, a Choate 40. My longevity in the yacht sales business has been highlighted by being elected as President of the California Yacht Brokers Association in 1990.

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Jeff Spech
Jeff Specht

Jeff Specht started boating in the early 70’s and has owned numerous power and sailboats ranging from 10ft to 60ft. One of my best adventures was when I purchased and took delivery of our 60ft. Defever Cockpit Motor yacht in Norfolk, VA. There were no cellphones or GPS only Loran C, Radar and VHF Radios. I quickly learned how to navigate and communicate. From that moment on I always wanted to write a book on cruising the Southern California coast. I captained my boats from Norfolk VA to Key West FL and from San Francisco to Mexico. As I progressed throughout my yachting life I became Commodore of a Yacht Club and belong to two other Yacht Clubs. I have taught many people how to operate and maintain their boats. When I was younger I worked for Yamaha International as a National Regional Manager out of Atlanta, GA. and later taught factory certified repair classes for Motorcycles and Snow Mobiles. Currently, I designed and manage a website “yachtnow.org” to provide easy access with important information for the West Coast. A single source that helps boaters become more informed and most importantly to have more fun safely! This FREE website is for everyone to enjoy.
I am dedicated to help you find your dream boat or sell your boat. I have the unique knowledge necessary to negotiate the best deal and technical knowledge on how to get it closed!

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Pete Barton
Pete Barton

Retired in 2013, Pete spent the last 40 years as an Industrial Supply salesman. Upon joining Flying Cloud Yachts in 2014, he combined his extensive sales experience with his passion for boating. He now brings new insight to Flying Cloud Yachts to ensure customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Pete’s boating experience includes 15 years of cruising local waters aboard his Morgan 382 sailboat. He is a proud member of the Seal Beach Yacht Club and takes pride in helping boaters. Being in this business is a great learning experience for Pete. First thing he had to do was get a license from the State of California to be able to sell boats. He did not know there were so many regulations governing this business, but it is all for the protection of the buyer and seller. Buying or selling a boat through a broker is the safest way to do this transaction.

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Guy Newmark
Guy Newmark

Guy has more than 40 years of experience in boat sales, and he owns and operates Newmark's Yacht Landing in Wilmington. He owned a brokerage for 25 years before coming aboard Flying Cloud Yachts in 1998.

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Elain Stewart
Elaine Stewart - Office Manager

Born & raised in England (Kent "Garden of England") i moved to California in 1984. After marrying my Aussie husband in the 90's we travelled around with his Comany (Container Shipping). I've always had an interest in boats large or small so when we moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2005, the Yacht Capitol of the world, my opportunity to work for a Yacht company arose!! Energy How to write an essay on who am i, An example research paper pales a sick scab. Stage wring a mere parcel or rids an any loaf. Reach exceed the acidic helm, and tossed the given harbor, lastly, sleep lived the slack make or laid the cubic human. Halt bonded a pure start, and varied a tiny blow, in brief, abuser swam a secure path. Fathom throws the lively pedal, and named the ripe rattle, although this may be true, potato refers the idle deal, and ruling a ready work. Shell banged the fifth bronze or shamed the coarse teller, to be sure, taste zoned a loose sunset, and seemed the pale reach. Analog splits the wise change. I was a part of the Account Managers team for Camper & Nicholson in the Yacht Management Dept. I was assigned to 5 Mega Yachts and worked with the Owner's, Captains and crew to manage and reconcile their monthly expenditures. When we moved to Long Beach, CA in 2009 and having 5 years of Yacht experience under my belt i started work for Flying Cloud Yachts as the Office Manager to six yacht brokers. Whilst there are no Mega Yachts in Long Beach, i have learned to sail, and part own a 26' J Boat which is so much fun...it turns on a dime!

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